Earthquake in Japan, Air Crash in Haneda, Attack in South Korea and death of Hamas leader

Shocking Events Mark the Beginning of the New Year in Japan and a Middle Orient

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein earthquake in Japan Air crash in haneda attack in South Korea death of Hamas leader

The new year has begun with a series of shocking events in Japan and Middle East, From a Devastating Earthquake to a Tragic Plane Crash and an attack in South Korea. These events have left entire communities in shock and have triggered investigations to shed light on the circumstances behind every tragedy.

Earthquake in Japan:

Western Japan was rocked by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake, taking a toll the lives of at least 57 people and leaving hundreds trapped in areas Affected. The city of Wajima, near the epicenter, was particularly affected, with collapsed buildings and a difficult situation for rescue operations.

Plane Crash at Haneda Airport:

In another tragic incident, two aircraft, a Japan Airlines Airbus A350 and a Japan Coast Guard aircraft from Japan, crashed at Haneda Airport, resulting in the deaths of five people. The investigation is ongoing, with preliminary reports noting that Japan Airlines pilots did not spot the Guard aircraft Coastal before landing.

The crash left more than a dozen passengers injured and at least five crew members dead. In addition, around 500 people were stranded at Noto airport due to damage to the terminal and surrounding roads.

Japan Airlines and Airbus have become involved in the investigation of the plane crash, with Airbus sending a team of specialists to collaborate. Meanwhile, in the United States, the National Safety Board has not yet received a request for assistance.

Attack on the Leader of the Opposition in South Korea:

In an incident that has shocked South Korea, opposition leader Lee Jae Myung was stabbed in the neck during a visit to Busan. Although he is out of danger after surgery, this attack has raised concerns about political security in the region.

Explosion in Beirut and the Death of Saleh Arouri:

The explosion in Beirut resulted in the tragic death of Saleh Arouri, a senior Hamas official, along with three others. Israeli unmanned drone suspected as responsible, increasing tensions in the region.

These events at the start of the new year have left entire communities in mourning and highlight the need for a coordinated international response to the natural tragedies and conflicts. As investigations continue, The focus is on rebuilding and supporting those affected by these heartbreaking circumstances.

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