Cults, children and the context of the underground tunnels discovered in the Chabad Lubavitch synagogue

Exploring the Mysteries of the Secret Tunnels in a New York Synagogue

A recent discovery has shaken up the city's tranquil urban fabric revealing a network of secret tunnels under the Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue. This The intriguing discovery has left authorities and the community at large perplexing, triggering speculation and reviving rumors dating back to years ago.

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During an investigation carried out by law enforcement authorities, They found surprising clues: large mounds of garbage, and other unusual items, all in the underground tunnels of the synagogue. The police arrested about ten people from the community and carried out a Records that revealed intriguing objects, such as hundreds of boxes and mattresses Stained.

Despite the arrests and searches, the purpose and exact usefulness of these secret tunnels are still unclear. they remain shrouded in mystery. It is unknown why some members of the Lubavitcher community resisted attempts to cover up these underground passages.

It is speculated that the tunnels, almost 6 meters high, could have They have been designed to transport people from the temple to a bath Abandoned women's ritual less than a block away. This theory suggests that the excavation, which took place over several months, could have been carried out to "expand" the synagogue, according to sources from the Jewish media Forward.

The discovery of baby carriages at the site has stoked 2013 rumors about a alleged connection between some Jewish sects and the disappearance of children. These rumors originated from a report by Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, which detailed illegal and abusive practices among Jewish sects fundamentalists in Brooklyn.

The Hasidic Jewish community of Chabad-Lubavitch was embroiled in a Fierce dispute with police and Jewish leaders after they were discovered illegal tunnels. "Rebellious Students" Arrested by try to prevent the closure of these underground passageways, triggering moments of tension and chaos in the place.

Currently, the Chabad-Lubavitch religious center remains closed. Awaits a safety review of the condition of the building's structure. The motivation behind the creation of these illegal tunnels has yet to be confirmed, and the twelve detainees face charges related to criminal behavior, trespassing and obstruction of government action.

The secret tunnels under the Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue have spawned a A series of questions with no clear answers. While the community and the As authorities try to unravel the mystery of these passageways, the city is finds herself mired in an intrigue that revives old rumors and sparks new speculation about the story hidden city of New York.

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