Behind the accusations: Palworld and the similarities with Pokémon

Pokemon vs. Palworld: The Possible Plagiarism Controversy That Shakes the World of Video games

The world of video games is shaken by the controversy before the launch of 'Palworld', a game that has reached levels of popularity in record time. However, this success is not without controversy, as a dispute has erupted between the creators of 'Pokémon' and the developers of 'Palworld', with accusations of possible plagiarism that have raised tensions in the industry.

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

Since its early access release on January 19 on Steam and Xbox, 'Palworld' has been dubbed as "Pokemon with guns" due to the obvious similarities to Nintendo's iconic franchise. The attention focused not only on the character designs, but also on the coincidences in the development of the game, leading to speculation about possible plagiarism.

Although 'Palworld' focuses on the survival and hunting of Pals, his creatures, rather than Pokémon, the similarities in the modeling of the characters have drawn criticism and accusations. Some fans have 'Palworld' models compared in detail with those of games Pokémon, claiming a striking similarity.

Palworld's Response:

In response to the allegations, Takuro Mizobe, CEO of Pocketpair, the company behind 'Palworld', was forced to address the criticism. Although he denied the plagiarism allegations, he admitted to the use of intelligence generative design frameworks, which could explain the Coincidences. The controversy reached extreme levels, with Mizobe even reporting death threats against his team.

The Pokémon Company's Reaction:

The Pokémon Company, in its first public statement on 'Palworld', has made it clear that you have not granted permissions for the use of your property intellectual in the opponent's game. Although he avoided mentioning 'Palworld' directly, his statement warns that they will investigate and take appropriate action if a copyright infringement related to Pokémon.

With controversy mounting, Don McGowan, former legal chief of The Pokemon Company, expressed astonishment at the possible plagiarism. Without directly accusing, He noted the similarities and stressed that the company will take steps to protect Your Intellectual Property.

Despite criticism and controversy, 'Palworld' has experienced a Unprecedented success with more than 8 million copies sold in six days. It has become the second most concurrent game in Steam history, defying all the Expectations.

The controversy between 'Pokémon' and 'Palworld' has not only sparked a debate legal, but it has also sparked discussions among fans about the evolution of the Pokémon franchise and The Pokémon Company's ability to innovate. The future of this dispute remains to be seen. players continue to enjoy the success of 'Palworld' and the Video Games reflects on the limits of inspiration and plagiarism.

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