Venezuela Creates Guayana Essequiba and Increases Tensions with Guyana

Territorial tension between Venezuela and Guyana: U.S. backs Guyana disputed by the Essequibo

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein venezuela creates guayana essequiba and increases tensions with guyana

Amid an escalating territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana over the Essequibo region, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed the his country's support for Guyana's sovereignty. This endorsement came during a phone call with Guyanese President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, according to a statement from the State Department. Tension intensified after a controversial referendum in Venezuela, where voters supported the annexation of Guyana's lands, leading to the creation of a a new state called "Guyana Essequiba".

The disputed region, known as the Essequibo, accounts for roughly two thirds of Guyana's national territory and is rich in natural resources, including oil. Despite a ruling by international arbitrators in 1899 that established the current boundaries, Venezuela has maintained its claims to this land. In the In a recent phone call, Secretary Blinken urged a resolution of the dispute and respect for the arbitral award of 1899.

In response to the Venezuelan referendum, Guyanese President Irfaan Ali expressed his concern, stating that Guyana will seek resolution of the conflict through the International Court of Justice. Meanwhile, Venezuela criticized the presence of the U.S. Southern Command U.S. in the Essequibo, alleging Guyana is threatening peace by allowing such presence.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela and Guyana held telephone conversations to address the ongoing territorial dispute. Venezuela defended the results of the referendum, calling them a mandate Guyana expressed concern about Caracas' actions that violated the order of the International Court of Justice.

The international community, through the U.S. Department of State, has urged a peaceful resolution and recalled the arbitral award of 1899. The recent order by the International Court of Justice to refrain from taking action aggravating the situation has also been highlighted.

The territorial dispute not only has political implications, but also Economic. The disputed region is home to significant oil resources, which has led to the presence of companies like ExxonMobil. Guyana's economic growth, driven by the oil sector, has raised concerns and tensions in the region.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has launched an action plan that It includes oil exploitation and military deployments in the area in dispute. Guyana, for its part, has announced precautionary measures to protect territorial integrity and plans to take the matter to the Security Council of the United Nations.

Tension between Venezuela and Guyana over the Essequibo region has reached a critical point, with repercussions at the international level. While the United States United Stands Behind Guyana, International Community Urges Peaceful Solution and Stands By attentive to future developments in this territorial dispute that affects not not only to both nations, but also to regional stability.

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