Turkish MP Collapses in Parliament After Warning to Israel

MP Suffers Heart Attack in Turkish Parliament After Warning Israel of Threat 'Wrath of Allah'

Turkish MP Hasan Bitmez, a member of the Saadet Party, starred in the a dramatic episode in the Turkish Parliament when he suffered a heart attack during his speech, where he issued a warning to Israel about the 'wrath of Allah'. The situation, which has left the politician in critical condition, reveals the political and religious tensions in the region.

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein Turkish MP collapses in parliament after warning to Israel

Bitmez, 53, collapsed in the middle of the General Assembly of the Turkish parliament while delivering a speech critical of Israel and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In his remarks, the MK accused Israel of committing "atrocities in Gaza" and pointed to the lack of action on the part of the government. Turkish government to stop war between Israel and Islamist group Hamas.

The climax of the speech was when Bitmez warned Israel: "Although escape the pains of history, they will not be able to escape the wrath of God." Just after these words, the deputy collapsed, triggering a series of reactions among his parliamentary colleagues.

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has confirmed that Bitmez He is in "extremely critical and serious" condition. The images shocks of the deputy's collapse have generated a stir in public opinion Turkish public service.

The MP, who belongs to the conservative Felicity Party, also led the criticism of President Erdogan, accusing him of not doing enough to stop the conflict between Hamas and Israel and to maintain ties between Hamas and Israel. with Israeli Prime Minister Nethanyahu.

After Bitmez's heart attack, some deputies from the AKP, Erdogan's party, They reacted by attributing the incident to the "wrath of God." Whereas A few expressed this perspective, others rushed to lend assistance to the opposition politician, who was rushed to the hospital.

The trade relationship between Turkey and Israel is also on the verge of manifest in the midst of this tragedy, since Israel is the tenth destination of the Turkish exports. These circumstances highlight the complexity of the political and economic relations in the region.

The dramatic incident in the Turkish parliament has left Hasan Bitmez in a state of disarray. critical situation, evidencing strong political and religious tensions that persist in the region. The fact that these tensions manifest themselves Even in the parliamentary sphere, the need for dialogue is stressed and the search for peaceful solutions in the midst of a complicated geopolitical scenario.

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