The Global Hacker Network Kelvin Security Loses its Main Venezuelan Leader in Alicante, Spain

Venezuelan Financial Leader of Powerful Global Network Arrested in Spain of Hackers

The Spanish authorities have achieved a major blow against the cybercrime by detaining a Venezuelan citizen in Alicante as the financial leader of "Kelvin Security", one of the most prominent hackers globally. This group has been in the crosshairs of authorities over the past three years, being responsible for more than 300 high-level attacks against strategic sectors in more than 90 countries. Countries.


The investigation that led to the arrest of Kelvin Security's alleged financial leader was launched a few years ago. approximately two years. The Spanish authorities took note of sophisticated cyberattacks targeting key institutions in Spain, including the City Councils of Getafe, Camas, La Haba and the Government of Castilla-La Mancha.

Kelvin Security's activities knew no borders, with objectives that They ranged from critical infrastructure to government institutions in countries such as Spain, the United States, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Chile and Japan. The group's methodology was to identify vulnerabilities in key platforms, illegally obtaining login credentials, and extracting confidential information for sale on the black market, using the dark web as its primary means of operation.

The Venezuelan citizen detained in Alicante faces serious accusations, including membership of a criminal organization, disclosure of secrets, computer damage, and money laundering. The authorities point to him as the responsible for the laundering of money obtained through the Kelvin Security's criminal activities, highlighting its active participation on the cryptocurrency exchange to cover up the financial trail of the group.

The arrest carried out by the Spanish National Police not only detains the alleged financial leader, but has also enabled the seizure of numerous effects and technical supports used by Kelvin Security. These elements will be thoroughly analysed by cyber researchers, with the aim of hope to further dismantle the group's operations and unravel its Connections.

According to authorities, Kelvin Security has been active for the past few years. three years, perpetrating more than 300 high-level attacks. Your Goals have included critical infrastructure and government entities, leaving a Trail of exploited vulnerabilities and compromised sensitive data.

This recent arrest highlights the importance of international collaboration in the fight against cybercrime. Kelvin Security, with its reach highlights the need for nations to work together to prevent and respond to cyber threats that affect multiple Countries.

The arrest in Alicante represents a significant step towards the dismantling of Kelvin Security, but it also underscores the constant Evolution and sophistication of the cyber threats you face the international community. Cybersecurity continues to be a crucial challenge, and this episode highlights the importance of vigilance and taking proactive measures to protect the critical infrastructures and sensitive information in an increasingly interconnected.

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