Serhii Batryn detonates 3 grenades at Ukrainian City Hall and leaves 26 injured

Councilman Detonates Grenades in Plenary Ukrainian City Hall, Leaving Dozens of Wounded

In a shocking event that has shocked Ukraine, a councillor from the 'Servant of the People' party, identified as Serhii Batryn, led to A bomb attack was carried out during a session of the city council in the Keretsk, Transcarpathia region The dramatic episode, which took place in the middle of an online broadcast, left at least 26 people wounded, six of them in serious condition.

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein serhii batryn detonates 3 grenades at ukrainian city hall and leaves 26 injured

The individual, who belongs to President Volodymyr Zelensky's party, He entered the session room and surprised the audience by extracting several grenades from their clothes, throwing them to the ground without warning. The images captured in a chilling video, released by authorities show the detonations that generated panic and chaos among the Plenary attendees.

The alleged perpetrator of the attack on the Keretsk city hall died as a result of the attack. result of the explosion. It was initially reported that he had died in the But it was clarified that doctors tried to resuscitate him without success. This The incident leaves 26 people injured, six of them in serious condition.

The Ukrainian authorities, considering the incident as a possible act terrorists, they have mobilized all the specialized services. The Ministry The Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported that investigative teams, operatives of the Police, explosives experts and forensic experts are hard at work in the site of the attack. The National Police, after releasing the video, has transferred the case to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for further investigation.

Serguí Bratin, a councillor and alleged perpetrator of the attack, has been identified as member of President Zelensky's party, 'Servant of the People'. Although it is The motivations behind this shocking act are unknown to the authorities they are also investigating Bratin for the alleged illegal use of weapons, ammunition or explosives, an offence under the Penal Code Ukrainian.

With 26 injured and the loss of the alleged perpetrator, Serhii Batryn, the nation has been left in a state of disarray. He is dealing with the aftermath of a violent act that has affected the community and has raised questions about safety in the politicians. As investigations progress, Ukrainian society expects clear answers and measures to ensure safety in the future. town hall meetings.

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