New York imposes measures to manage the arrival of migrants in the midst of the immigration crisis

Mayor Eric Adams Announces Restrictions on Buses Carrying Migrants and Ask for Federal Help

In an attempt to address the migration crisis affecting New York, the Mayor Eric Adams has announced drastic measures to regulate the arrival of migrants in the Big Apple. These measures, implemented through an executive order, seek to manage the reception of thousands of people who have arrived in the city in the last two years.

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The new regulations state that charter buses carrying migrants must give 32 hours' notice before arriving in the city, thus providing a essential planning margin to ensure safe reception and ordinate. These restrictions will affect the arrival time, limiting it in any way. 8:30 p.m. to midnight Monday through Friday. In addition, buses will only be allowed to drop off passengers at a designated location: the Bus Terminal of the Port Authority in the middle of Manhattan, unless the Department of Management of Emergencies authorize otherwise.

Eric Adams has made it clear that these measures are not intended to prevent the people seek refuge in New York, but rather ensure safety and coordination in the arrival process. With the city expecting a new wave of migrants in the coming weeks, weeks, these actions become critical to avoid an overflow of resources and ensure orderly assistance to those seeking help.

The mayor has expressed frustration at the lack of resources and support noting that the city has taken in more than 122,000 migrants in less than two years. Repeated requests for help to Joe Biden's government to cover housing expenses and has not received a satisfactory response, which has led to New York to implement these measures for the first time since the start of the migration crisis in 2022.

Adams has accused Republican governors, especially Gregg Abbott of Texas, of using migrants as "political pawns." The Order Executive seeks to control the flow of buses chartered by these governors as a measure of pressure on Democratic-run cities, like New York.

In a joint effort, the mayors of New York, Chicago and Denver have appealed for help Federal Urgent. Adams proposes that the Biden administration issue a statement of emergency and establish a national resettlement strategy to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Despite the criticisms and legal challenges that may arise, Adams insists that whereas these measures are necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of migrants, as well as to maintain the city's response capacity in conditions that threaten to worsen.

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