Congress at the Epicenter of the Political Storm

The Chaos in the U.S. Congress: From the Expulsion of Santos to the Cessation of Mccarthy

In a year that will go down in history as one of the most chaotic for the U.S. Congress, House of Representatives has experimented with an unprecedented series of events that have left the country mired in a state of political uncertainty. From the ouster of President Santos to the dismissal of McCarthy, the The abuzz of tumultuous situations has brought the legislature to a point of inflection. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this chaos, the controversial decisions that have marked this legislative year and how this could affect American voters.


The year began with the House of Representatives, led by a majority facing a tumultuous election to select his president. This process, which involved 15 votes, was just the beginning of a series of extraordinary events. In an unprecedented twist, the House ousted its own speaker, George Santos, triggering a 21-day legislative limbo before a successor was chosen little known. This fact, which has only happened three times since the war, Civil, marked a negative milestone for the 116th Congress.

The narrow Republican majority, which shrank further during the year, has contributed to the chaos in Congress. The lack of internal consensus has led to controversial decisions, such as the expulsion of Santos, which has generated divisions and tensions between representatives. Santos' mocking response to his expulsion highlights the depth of divisions and lack of unity within the party.

Congress has passed few significant pieces of legislation this year, showing a Notable legislative stalemate. Disagreements between the House of Representatives and the Representatives and the Senate, coupled with the lack of a clear government agenda on the part of the Republicans, have led to difficulties in keeping the government in power. operation. Bills passed by the Lower House have not advanced in the Senate, contributing to the general discontent.

With chaos persisting and the possibility of impeachment against President Biden in the On the horizon, the future of Congress remains uncertain. The lack of unity, internal divisions and the lingering influence of controversial figures raise questions about Congress' ability to address problems facing the country.

From Santos' ouster to McCarthy's ouster, the chaotic events They have left an indelible mark on American politics. The lack of consensus, the influence of controversial figures, and legislative paralysis pose significant challenges for the future. Voters, when confronted by the consequences of these decisions, they could pay a heavy price for the chaos into which Congress has been plunged.

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