New York Becomes the Setting for Thriller in its 50th Halloween

Celebrating the 50th Halloween Parade in New York City with an Electrifying Tribute to Michael Jackson

The New York City Halloween Parade is one of the celebrations most awaited by lovers of this festivity. Yearly Thousands of people gather to dress up as their favorite characters, enjoy horror movies and participate in mass events. New York City's 50th Halloween Parade was no exception, and this year, it attracted attention thousands of people thanks to a moving tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, through a spectacular flashmob of the famous "Thriller" dance.

The event was a tribute to both the iconic singer and the choreography he performed It was all the rage in the '80s. Hundreds of people came together to recreate the dancing, decked out in their best zombie costumes. In the midst of the crowd, stood out an individual disguised in the famous red suit that Michael Jackson used in the music video for "Thriller," which left the Audience impressed and excited.

The flash mob show didn't happen by chance. Weeks before the During the parade, organizers had summoned both professional dancers and novices to join the dance. All Participants went out of their way to rehearse to ensure a memorable performance. Organizers shared a video of the choreography on their website to that those interested could learn it in their spare time.

The parade made its way down Sixth Avenue from King St. to 15th St. in Manhattan, drawing New Yorkers and citizens from far and wide.

But the tribute to Michael Jackson didn't end at the parade. As part of the In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the release of the iconic album "Thriller" in December, a documentary titled "Thriller 40" will be released. This documentary will feature the participation of several celebrities who were inspired by Michael Jackson and others who contributed to the album. Music experts will also discuss the success of "Thriller," which includes hits like "Billie Jean," "The Girl Is Mine," "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)," "I want to start something," among others. The documentary will premiere on December 2 on the Paramount+ streaming platform.

Also, as an added treat for Michael Jackson fans, the video The musical "Thriller" was remastered in 4k high-definition resolution and re-released on the parade. This allowed the viewers enjoy this iconic music video with picture quality exceptional.

The parade itself was a spectacular event with creative costumes, floats and impressive police security. More than 60,000 people participated in the parade, and it is estimated that more than 2 Millions of viewers joined in the celebration. Security was a priority, with more than 2,000 police officers guarding the event late into the night.

The atmosphere was full of energy and creativity, with the presence of mythological animals, monsters, zombies and hundreds of pumpkins. There was even a float with Santa Claus as part of the Ghostbusters. adding a unique touch to the festivity.

However, the authorities also imposed certain rules to maintain order and security. Alcoholic beverages were forbidden to attend the event, and packages were not allowed to be left on the floor, which meant that they were not allowed to be allowed to do so. that it should be reported to the authorities.

The 50th Halloween Parade in New York was a celebration full of emotion, creativity and a moving tribute to Michael Jackson that captivated everyone present. An event that proved once again why this holiday is so popular. awaited and loved by so many.

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