Intense Crossings and Revelations: The Best of the Debate between Massa and Milei

Presidential Debate in Argentina: A Clash of Ideas between Massa and Milei

Last Sunday, presidential candidates Sergio Massa and Javier Milei faced off in a crucial debate in the It is the final stretch of the elections in Argentina. The confrontation focused on six thematic axes ranging from the economy to security and human rights. In this article, we'll take a look at the key moments of this political meeting that captured the nation's attention.


Economy: GDP and AFJPs in the Crossfire

One of the most intense moments of the debate came when Javier Milei stated that Argentina's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita had fallen by 15% since 2011. This fact generated a strong counterpoint, since Patricia Bullrich backed Milei in her criticism of the current minister Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, accusing him of covering up the reality of the country.

On the subject of the economy, Massa accused Milei of promoting the return of the Retirement and Pension Fund Administrators (AFJP). The Union for the Fatherland candidate said: "Unfortunately, Milei is raising the question of return of the AFJP." These statements sparked an exchange of views about the country's economic direction and each candidate's proposals to face the challenges Financial.

Hyperinflation and Devaluation: Milei Exposes Economic Vulnerabilities

On the subject of the economy, Javier Milei highlighted the devaluation of the peso and warned of the risk of a new hyperinflation. The Candidate of Libertad Avanza pointed out: "We have removed 13 zeros from the currency, we had two hyperinflations without war and we're on our way to another one." These words highlighted concerns about economic stability and the country's financial management.

Poverty Facts: A Crucial Disagreement

One of the most contentious moments of the debate was when Milei accused Massa of leaving two-thirds of children in poverty. However, this fact was refuted as inaccurate according to the latest report from the Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec), which puts the poverty rate at 56.2% for children from 0 to 14 years old. This disagreement highlights the importance of verifying information in the midst of an intense political scenario.

Exchange of Hard Crosses: Massa vs. Massa Milei

The debate was not without tense moments, especially when Massa He threw a series of direct questions at Milei about his proposals and positions. Milei's defiant and uncompromising response revealed the intensity of the the competition. The exchange of accusations and the use of the term "liar" marked a showdown that made it clear that both candidates were at odds with each other. willing to go all the way to capture the vote of the Argentines.

Proposals and Looks to the Future: What to Expect from the Runoff?

Despite the tough crossovers, the debate also left room for the candidates will present their proposals for the future. Milei, a critic of Kirchnerism, expressed his commitment to relations with and their intention to go to diplomatic bodies to address the situation in the Falklands. Massa, for his part, highlighted objectives such as the creation of two million jobs formal.

The presidential debate in Argentina highlighted the profound differences between Massa and Milei on crucial issues for the country. With the second round of elections just around the corner, the Argentines are facing fundamental decisions about the direction of the economy, social and political aspects of their nation. The result of the Nov. 19 runoff will define the next chapter in Argentina's political history.

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