injured and arrested in clashes with Fluminense bar and Boca Juniors days before the 2023 Copa Libertadores final

Incidents and Arrests on the Road to the 2023 Copa Libertadores Final

Just two days away from the long-awaited 2023 Copa Libertadores final at the iconic Maracanรฃ Stadium, Copacabana, the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro, became the scene of a violent confrontation between Boca Juniors fans and Fluminense's barra brava. What Should Have Been A day of celebration and passion for football turned into an unfortunate episode that left several injured, robberies and police intervention.

injured and arrested in clashes with Fluminense bar and Boca Juniors days before the 2023 Copa Libertadores final

It all started when the Fluminense bar descended onto Copacabana beach, armed with the intention of to confront the Boca fans who were enjoying the atmosphere leading up to the grand finale. What followed was an organized attack on the Argentinian supporters, who defended their honour in the face of aggression and robberies perpetrated by the Brazilian barra brava.

Police arrived after a lapse of time and were forced to use rubber bullets and tear gas to control the situation. Despite the fact that From the rapid repression, most of the attackers managed to flee in just one fell swoop. Five minutes.

The situation became even more alarming when the aggressors themselves, the Fluminense's barra brava, documented the ambush on their social networks, showing how they beat Boca fans on the beach. The result of This confrontation resulted in a sad toll of wounded, some due to the violence of the barra brava of Fluminense and others due to the intervention in addition to those who suffered robberies.

The episode was further aggravated when a video went viral in which the police arrested a Boca fan, while Brazilians accused him of racism. Brazil's military police confirmed the arrest of two Argentinian fans, one of them being Cristiรกn Medina de Villa Celina. However Medina was later released.

Given the seriousness of the incidents, CONMEBOL plans to request the Rio de Janeiro security authorities increase police presence in the days leading up to the final to ensure the safety of fans. Luckily, none of the injured were reported to have serious injuries.

Despite these unfortunate events, Boca Juniors fans have transferred to Brazilian territory to support his team in this exciting final against Fluminense. The build-up to the match has taken on a tone dangerous and warlike, and it is expected that the situation could worsen in the coming days. prior to the match.

Boca fans have gathered in Copacabana, wearing the colors blue and gold of his team, performing chants, choreographies and showing their passion. Although Conmebol set up a Fan Fest with free access in Copacabana, Boca fans preferred to concentrate elsewhere, next to a kiosk owned by fellow Argentines.

The celebration is expected to be repeated on Friday at the same location. expects a greater participation of Boca fans, showing that they are not a minority in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian authorities have not determined precisely the number of Argentines are expected in the city on the day of the final, but it is ruled out that it will reach 150,000, as some media Suggested.

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