Crisis in the Paris Metro: Police Kill a Woman Who Threatened with a Terrorist Attack

Paris Metro Incident: Police Kill Woman Who Threatened to Attack to the Cry of 'Allahu Akbar'

At a train station in Paris, France, a chilling incident occurred when a woman, apparently wearing a hijab, threatened to carry out a terrorist attack in the meter. The situation triggered a swift response from the police He made a deep impression on the City of Light.

Crisis in the Paris Metro: Police Kill a Woman Who Threatened with a Terrorist Attack

The woman, who raised suspicions due to her disturbing behavior, was shot by police after threatening to blow up the facility while shouting "Allahu akbar". According to witnesses, this disturbing episode took place before he arrived at the the Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand.

The quick response of the authorities was crucial. Police officers counter-terrorism officers immediately went to the scene and set up a security perimeter to protect citizens. Their goal was to stop the suspect before she could carry out any threats.

However, the woman refused to comply with the officers' orders, which which led to a dramatic showdown. The agents finally met forced to shoot her, seriously wounding her in the abdomen. Currently, his health condition is described as "serious" due to the gunshot wound he received.

This incident was a shocking reminder of the constant threat that European cities, including Paris, face amid tension caused by the war between Hamas and Israel.

Journalist Clément Lanot documented the events in real time through through social media, sharing images of the police operation on the Paris Metro. The entrance of the armed police into the subway was a reminder of the need to maintain constant vigilance and Preparedness to respond to potential threats.

After police intervention, it was confirmed that no objects were found explosives or hazards at the site, suggesting that the initial threat It could have been a false alarm. Although the woman was injured, this situation raises questions about the effectiveness of the police response in high-voltage situations.

A crucial aspect of this story is the history of the protagonist of the incident. Police Prefect Laurent Nuñez revealed that the woman She had already been detained in the past due to a similar incident in July 2019. previous year. Back then, he threatened people with a screwdriver while shouting religious slogans. After his arrest, it was determined that who suffered from psychiatric problems and was institutionalized.

This episode has led to the opening of an investigation by the judicial police, which includes charges of apology for terrorism, threats of death and acts of intimidation against public officials. In addition, the The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) is analysing the facts. as required by law when officers use their weapons Regulatory.

The incident comes against a backdrop of high alert for potential attacks terrorists because of the crisis in Gaza. Multi-language messages in the Paris metro urges citizens to remain vigilant and denounce any suspicion, underlining the importance of citizen cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

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