Criminal Infiltration: The Aragua Train Crosses the US Border

The Tren de Aragua: From Violence in Venezuela to the U.S. Border

El Tren de Aragua, a bloodthirsty criminal gang originating in Venezuela, has crossed the borders and arrived in the United States, sowing fear and concern in border authorities. This article will explore the The story of Juan, a Venezuelan who fled to New York to escape of the violence of this group, as well as the recent events that have led to the the arrest of several alleged members on U.S. soil.


Juan's story reflects the reality of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who They seek to escape political turmoil, corruption, and economic collapse in your country. Juan decided to embark on his journey to the United States after that the Tren de Aragua extorted money from his father and threatened his family. This group, known for its extreme violence and intimidation tactics in social networks, forced him to distance himself, even facing an attack in the process.

Despite John's hopes of finding safety in the United States, Border Patrol authorities confirmed that not only one member, but 38 possible members of the Tren de Aragua were detained along the way. along the border between October 2022 and October 2023. Two of them They face charges of illegal entry into the country, revealing the active presence of this dangerous gang on U.S. soil.

Héctor Rusthenford Guerrero Flores, known as "Niño Guerrero," leader of the Tren de Aragua, escaped from Tocorón prison in Venezuela, triggering an Interpol red notice. He is described as armed, dangerous and with possible destinations including the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Despite the efforts of the authorities, their Whereabouts remain unknown.

The eviction operation of the Aragua Penitentiary Center in September 2023 was a significant blow to the Tren de Aragua. Although the authorities When the Venezuelan authorities considered the operation successful, the "Warrior Boy" managed to escape, leaving behind a trail of weapons, explosives, narcotics, and even computers used to mine bitcoins. Prison Violence and Corruption in the Prison System have been denounced for years by human rights organizations. Human.

The origin of the Tren de Aragua dates back to 2005, according to some reports, and has It has spread its tentacles throughout Latin America, with a presence in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and Costa Rica. Rich. The gang, with more than 4,000 members, engages in criminal activities that include include illegal mineral extraction, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and scrap metal, as well as the collection of extortion in Venezuelan prisons.

Despite the efforts of Venezuelan and U.S. authorities, the Tren de Aragua continues to pose a threat. The escape of its leader and the presence of the gang in US territory pose significant challenges to regional security. Cooperation and continued attention to this situation are crucial for addressing this complex problem that transcends borders and puts at risk the safety of thousands of people.

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