Between Likes and Controversy: Young People on TikTok and their Strange Empathy for Bin Laden

The controversial resurgence of Osama bin Laden's 'Letter to the US' on TikTok

In recent weeks, TikTok has witnessed a growing controversy related to the resurgence of the 'Letter to the U.S.' written by Osama Bin Laden, the group's leader terrorist terrorist Al Qaeda responsible for the September 11 attacks. Young Americans have expressed sympathy for bin Laden through videos on the platform, generating more than 14 million views and unleashing criticisms and concerns.

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein between likes and controversy young people on tiktok empathy for bin laden

The 'Letter to America' was written by bin Laden in 2001 to justify the 9/11 attacks, which resulted in the loss of almost all of his lives. 3,000 lives. Although the letter was first published in 2002, it has resurfaced on TikTok, where some young people express their support for the terrorist and share his views on U.S. foreign policy, especially in relation to Israel.

Dozens of videos on TikTok have sparked controversy by expressing sympathy for bin Laden and endorse the claims of the 'Letter to the USA'. TikTok It has responded by stating that these videos violate its rules against "support for any form of terrorism," although it has not provided specific data on the magnitude of the phenomenon.

The White House has condemned the trend on TikTok, calling it an insult Social media experts, such as Imran Ahmed of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, suggest that TikTok, by prioritizing interaction, can magnify extreme opinions, even those that endorse conspiracy theories or expressions of support terrorists.

The virality of the letter has generated divergent opinions, with some users expressing their disagreement and frustration. Some argue that the letter should be condemned for its anti-Semitic content and conspiracy theories, while others use it as a basis for criticizing the role of states United in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Guardian newspaper, which originally published the letter in 2002, withdrew the letter. transcription of the letter from their website due to its virality on TikTok. The decision was made to prevent the letter from being shared without context provided by the original article.

The resurgence of Osama bin Laden's 'Letter to America' on TikTok raises questions about the responsibility of social media platforms in the dissemination of controversial and potentially dangerous content. The lack of control over TikTok's algorithms and how quickly they opinions that can be disseminated highlight the need for greater scrutiny in the Use of these platforms to prevent the promotion of extreme and harmful messages.

Note: This article is intended to report on the events in relation to the resurgence of Osama bin's 'Letter to the USA' Laden on TikTok and does not endorse or justify the views expressed therein letter.


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