War zone: Between rockets and hostages, The crude panorama of the recent conflict in the Middle East

Tension Deepens: Conflict in Israel and Gaza and the Importance of al-Aqsa complex

Today, the situation in the Middle East is in a critical state. In the Early this October 7, Palestinian militiamen launched thousands of rockets into Israel and infiltrated the city of Sderot. In response, The Israel Defense Forces carried out attacks that reportedly killed at least 232 Palestinians and 200 Israelis.

War zone: Between rockets and hostages, The crude panorama of the recent conflict in the Middle East
In view of these events, the UN Security Council has decided intervene, calling an emergency meeting for next Sunday, in order to try to mediate and find a solution to this crisis.

From the White House, US President Joe Biden has addressed the situation, affirming that the United States firmly supports Israel. Biden condemned the terrorist attacks and warned any hostile groups that The world is watching and will condemn any act that seeks to exploit the situation.

Al-Aqsa Complex: Central Point of Tensions

The al-Aqsa compound, revered by both Muslims and Jews, has It has historically been one of the epicenters of tensions between Israel and Israel. Palestine. The place, considered sacred for both religions, has been a reason for of constant disputes and confrontations.

Hamas has claimed that one of its recent attacks, dubbed the "Al-Aqsa Storm," was in defense of this holy site. The Concern is that, although traditionally only Muslims can There is a growing fear in the Muslim community that this right is being threatened by extremist Jewish movements and The Israeli government.

The Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas's armed wing, have He claimed to have captured "dozens" of Israelis in the recent attack. This situation, added to the complexity of the conflict and the tensions surrounding al-Aqsa compound, indicates that the next few days will be critical for the region.

It is imperative that the international community, together with the Council of UN security, work together to mediate and seek a solution that ends the violence and guarantees the safety and rights of all parties involved. Peace in the Middle The East is, and must be, a global priority.

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