Protesters waving Palestinian flags in Dagestan after the attack on a flight from Israel landing in Russia

Dagestan riots: Airport stormed in protest against passengers from Israel

On 29 October, Makhachkala Airport, located in the Republic of São Paulo, Dagestan, was temporarily closed due to the massive influx of Protesters. Reports indicate that hundreds of people entered the airport and runway in protest against the arrival of a plane from Tel Aviv. According to witnesses, the crowd could be seen attempting to assault the Red Wings airline plane with the aim of attacking its occupants.

Protesters waving Palestinian flags in Dagestan after the attack on a flight from Israel landing in Russia

The context of the events reflects a climate of tension in the enclave of Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim region that has been the scene of of various conflicts in the past. This recent tension seems to originate of rumors indicating the presence of Israeli refugees in a hotel leading to demands for the expulsion of Jews from the region.

Videos shared on social media showed protesters at the landing waving Palestinian flags. Other videos showed the demonstrators stopping cars in the vicinity of the airport, demanding that its occupants identify themselves.

In response to these events, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement hoping that the authorities would protect all Israeli and Jewish citizens. He added that the Israel's ambassador to Russia is working hard to ensure the safety of those affected.

Meanwhile, the government of Dagestan confirmed that the situation at the airport was under control, highlighting the swift response of the security that worked on the spot. Despite this, the Dagestan Ministry of Health reported that several individuals, including police and civilians, were injured during the riots.

These incidents are in addition to similar incidents reported in the region of Russian Caucasus, and have stoked a debate within the local Jewish community, which consists of approximately 400 families, over whether to They must stay in the region or find a safer place to live.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called the videos the protests as "horrifying" and underscored the possibility that These acts are not isolated, but reflect a broader culture of intolerance.

The turmoil has prompted a response from the Russian Interior Ministry, which has opened an investigation and has stated that all those responsible will be held accountable. arrested and tried, especially those who incite ethnic hatred.

The world is watching these events in Dagestan with concern and expects a better future. peaceful and fair resolution for all parties involved. The security and rights of all citizens, regardless of of their origin, they must be prioritized and protected.

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