Miguel Cabrera: The Emotional Farewell of a Baseball Legend

Miguel Cabrera: A legendary farewell to the Major Leagues


Comerica Park Stadium in Detroit witnessed an event historical: the farewell of the Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera, better known as "Miggy", one of the Most outstanding players in the Major Leagues. Cabrera has left a mark indelible in the sport, with achievements such as reaching 3,000 hits and 500 home runs.

Facing a thrilling showdown against the Cleveland Guardians, the The final result was overshadowed by Cabrera's shocking goodbye. The Streets near the stadium were filled with fervent supporters wearing the number 24, and Venezuelan flags waving in the wind, a clear indication of what was about to happen.

The match began with a special ceremony. For the first time, in addition to the anthem of the United States, the anthem of Venezuela was also performed. Attendees witnessed a dazzling mosaic made up of 40,000 cards that said 'Thank you Miggy', along with their numbers more significant and its emblematic number 24.

The high point came when Cabrera's children, Christopher Alexander, Isabella and Rosangel, announced their entry with an emotional one: "With the number 24, our father, Miguel Cabrera." The Ovation from the audience was deafening.

The eighth inning presented a moment that will be etched in the history of the sport: Cabrera, who had not covered the initial for two years, He resumed his position. Steven Kwan threw toward him and Cabrera captured the ball, marking his last action as a professional. What followed was a barrage of emotions: the entire stadium stood up, and after his capture, Cabrera was Received with hugs, tears and recognition for his unique Contribution to sport.

On social media, the hashtag #graciasMiggy was trending, reflecting the feelings of both the United States and Venezuela.

Miguel Cabrera has left an impressive legacy in the Major Leagues. It's him only Latino who has achieved the Triple Crown in the MLB, which highlights the Excellence in batting. With his achievements, he has broken a 45-year drought without No player will achieve such an honor.

The farewell culminated with a reflection by Cabrera himself on the meaning of that day and how you will face your post-retirement life. With humor he mentioned: "Tomorrow I have to take the children to school. It's hard. I have a life normal now."

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