Links with Muslim Brotherhood? Karim Benzema in the eye of the hurricane

Karim Benzema in the crosshairs: Accusations of links to terrorist organisation shake France

France's football and political community has been rocked by serious accusations levelled by the Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who claims that the famous footballer Karim Benzema has "notorious links" with the Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood, considered terrorist by the French government.


The claims were made known through an interview on the channel television Cnews. "Mr. Benzema has links, everyone knows it, it's notorious, with the Muslim Brotherhood," Darmanin said. This news initially went unnoticed in the media but was widely picked up by the Spanish media, which caused uproar and controversy in France.

Senator Valérie Boyer of the Les Républicains party was one of the more forceful voices in the face of the news. In a statement, Boyer suggested that if the accusations are true, it should be considered to withdraw Benzema's Ballon d'Or and even his French nationality. "We cannot accept that a person with dual nationality, recognized internationally, may dishonor and even betray his country in this way. way," he said.

Minister Darmanin had previously been asked about a message posted by Benzema on social media in support of the Palestinian people, contrasting with his silence on the recent Hamas terror attacks against Israel. In addition to this, other acts of the footballers who could be interpreted as aligned with extremist ideals, such as his refusal to sing the French national anthem and his association with controversial figures.

Sources in the Ministry of the Interior have justified the accusations by alluding to to various behaviors of the player that, according to them, denote "an inclination towards a more rigorous Islam, characteristic of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood." These accusations are based on the promotion of Islamic norms in various areas of society.

While some regard these accusations as an attack unjustified, others ask for concrete evidence to corroborate the statements of the minister. Benzema, who currently plays for Al Ittihad in Saudi Arabia, has been an iconic player for the French national team and Real Madrid, and these Accusations could have a significant impact on his career and legacy.

The situation is unfolding at a delicate time, with tensions political and social issues are on the surface. The international community and football fans are waiting with A desire for more details and evidence to support or refute these serious Accusations.

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