Israel Declares State of War After Massive Hamas Attack

Declaration of War: Israel Responds to Hamas Offensive from Gaza

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, already agitated by nature, has reached a new peak of tension with Israel declaring a state of war after a multiple attack from Gaza.

Israel Declares State of War After Massive Hamas Attack

More than 5,000 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel on Saturday, a fact that Hamas, the armed wing of the Islamist group, confirmed such as its "Al-Aqsa Deluge" operation. In addition to rockets, Palestinian militants infiltrated Israeli territory, further aggravating the situation.

In a bold statement, Hamas declared: "We decided to put an end to all the crimes of the occupation. Israel), their time for razing without accountability is over." Air raid alarms sounded in various parts of the country, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, cities that have already witnessed countless attacks in the past. The Magen David Adom emergency service reported multiple Wounded.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, strongly indicated that Israel was in a state of war and meetings and decisions are expected key in the next few hours. Meanwhile, videos on social media showed Palestinian militants firing at Israeli patrols, highlighting the gravity and audacity of the attack.

This recent conflict stands out not only for its intensity but also for its It is an unprecedented failure in the Israeli defense and intelligence system. Israel, known for Having one of the most advanced intelligence apparatuses in the world, it seems. to have been taken by surprise.

Analysis by Jeremy Bowen, the BBC's Middle East expert, suggests that Israel's actions in response will be significant. Bowen mentions: "This situation will change quickly and is very likely to escalate ... For Palestinians and Israelis, I think this is an unexpected and highly anticipated morning. worrying."

In fact, one of the most troubling aspects for Israel will be to understand how An attack of this magnitude could have been planned and executed without being Detected. For a country that has conducted precise intelligence operations and assassinations of militant leaders, this incident can be considered an intelligence failure.

As the world watches with concern, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is entering a new phase. Tension in the Middle East, especially in Gaza has been a turning point in international politics, and this Latest attack only adds more uncertainty about future peace and stability. in the region.

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