A Hospital in Ruins, a World in Protest: The Global Impact of Gaza Baptista Al-Ahli Explosion

Gaza Hospital Explosion Sparks International Condemnation and Mourning

Last Tuesday's tragedy at Gaza's Al-Ahli hospital has left a deep wound in the international community. According to sources in the Palestinian Ministry of Health, hundreds of people were killed in the explosion that rocked the hospital compound.


In a gesture of solidarity and mourning:

Syria, Egypt and Iran have declared three-day public mourning since Oct. 18.

Jordan has instituted three days of mourning in honor of the "martyrs of Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital and the martyrs of Gaza."

Lebanon has designated Wednesday as a day of national mourning.

Mauritania has not only declared three days of mourning, but has also called for immediate intervention to end what they describe as the "genocide" of Palestinians.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, the president of the Palestinian Autonomous Government, Mahmoud Abbas, has also declared three days of mourning in honor of the victims of this tragedy.

Causes of the Explosion

While Gaza authorities accuseIsrael of being behind the explosion, the Israel Defense Forces point to Islamic Jihad as responsible. However, Islamic Jihad has denied these allegations. Currently, the exact cause of the disaster and the number of casualties has yet to be independently confirmed.

Following the incident, anti-Israel protests erupted in the Middle East and North Africa. Several Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, condemned Israel for the blast. Mass demonstrations have taken place in countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, showing the deep unease in the region.

A tense outlook in France

Meanwhile, France is also on alert. Six of its airports and the Palace of Versailles have recently been evacuated for security reasons, amid a tense atmosphere following an attack on a school in the north of the country.

President Joe Biden faces challenges in his attempt to mediate the confrontation between Israel and Hamas. The situation in the Middle East has led Jordan to cancel a leg of Biden's trip. Now, with the Middle East on the brink of an even bigger war, Biden's visit becomes a crucial effort to try to mediate the situation and ease tensions.

This incident in Gaza, along with other recent events, shows just how volatile the situation in the Middle East remains. The world watches with hope and caution, hoping for a lasting solution for the region.

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