Flares and Protests: Sydney Becomes Scene of Tension Due to Israel-Palestine Conflict

Protesters at the Sydney Opera House Against Enlightenment in the Colours of Israel

In a climate already tense worldwide by the latest events in Middle East, the Sydney Opera House became the setting for New tensions on Monday night. Several hundred demonstrators Gathered in protest against the decision to illuminate this emblematic building with the colors of the Israeli flag.


This act comes in the context of recent Hamas attacks on Israel, which have left hundreds of victims, and Israel's subsequent declaration of war on Hamas, which has intensified the situation in Gaza.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had previously called for that the march be suspended. Albanese expressed concern about the march And he suggested that people should "take a step back." In addition, he expressed his condemnation of any form of violence, especially kidnapping and Killing of innocent civilians.

However, despite the call for calm, the protesters decided to Continue with the protest. During the demonstration, they lit up flares and fireworks, and police were present to maintain the order.

The reason for the lighting, according to the Premier of New South Wales, Chris Minns, was to show solidarity with the Jewish communities of the state. However, this gesture was not well received by everyone. The march departed from Sydney City Hall, where around 500 people listened to several Speakers advocate for the Palestinian cause.

It is important to mention that the Sydney march occurred the day after another pro-Palestinian demonstration in Lakemba. Envelope In this situation, Foreign Minister Penny Wong stated that Regardless of people's views on the conflict, the Violence against civilians cannot be tolerated.

In the midst of this tense situation, Saja Saleh, one of the protesters, expressed its deep sorrow at seeing the situation of civilians in the conflict, and called for a just peace, where both sides can coexist in harmony.

In another aspect, the police reported that no one was arrested for the detonation. of flares at the Sydney Opera House and that no one was injured.

For safety, the Jewish community was advised to stay away from the area. of manifestation. This protest is a reflection of concern and solidarity In the face of a conflict that has not been resolved for decades and that It directly affects millions of people.

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