Attack on Israeli Embassy Employee in Beijing Coincides with Murder in France

Savage Attack on Israeli Embassy Employee in Beijing Following the Murder in France

In one disturbing development, an employee of the Israeli embassy in Beijing, China, suffered a Violent knife attack in the street, in a context of tensions Global are on the rise. The incident occurred almost simultaneously with the murder of a teacher in France, who was stabbed after hearing the I cry "Allah is great."


The employee, a 50-year-old man, was assaulted in Chaoyang district by a 53-year-old individual, who is already in police custody, as reported by the newspaper Chinese official 'Global Times'. Captured images of the assault show A creepy scene in which the victim tries to crawl away from the aggressor, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

Currently, the worker is hospitalized and, despite the In the condition of his injuries, he is in stable condition according to the Thomson Reuters agency. The assassination attempt was witnessed by several Passers-by near the Israeli consulate in the Chinese capital.

The background to these events is especially worrying. Hours before Khaled Meshaal, founder of Hamas and leader of the terrorist group between 2014 and 2017, called on Muslims around the world to "take to the streets" and mark that Friday as a "day of rage" against Israel. The Ministry Israeli Foreign Ministry has acknowledged the seriousness of the attack in Beijing, although it has not He has provided a lot of details. Investigations are ongoing to Determine the exact causes and connections of the incident.

This call by Hamas, which translates as a commitment to jihad, is perceived as a direct threat to Jewish communities throughout the world. world. In response, security measures have been reinforced in several places, such as the U.S. Capitol and Jewish schools in Amsterdam has closed its doors.

From Israel, Jews around the world have been asked to stay. alert, especially after the so-called "Friday of Rage" in response to the bombing of the Gaza Strip.

The attack in Beijing occurred in broad daylight, as the employee was leaving the a supermarket. Despite several witnesses witnessing the attack, no one Intervened. The assailant, described as tall and middle-aged, managed to escape, but not for long.

This series of events coincided with the visit of the head of diplomacy European, Josep Borrell, to Beijing, where the situation in Gaza was It is intended to be a major topic in talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The world is, once again, on tenterhooks as tensions continue to escalate and leaders seek diplomatic solutions to ensure peace and safety.

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