Argentina Decides: Keys to Understanding the 2023 Elections

Argentina Elections 2023: What You Need to Know

Argentina general elections are set for October 22. After the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory (PASO), are already clear to the five main candidates who will compete for the presidential seat. Here's a rundown of the highlights of Argentina's political landscape:


Candidates for President: Among the most prominent names, Javier Milei for La Libertad Avanza, Patricia Bullrich representing Together for Change, and Sergio Massa of Union for the Fatherland.

Campaign controversies: Javier Milei has caused a stir with his anti-establishment discourse, using the term "caste" to refer to politicians who, according to him, they harm the country. However, it has drawn criticism for its recent partnership with the trade unionist José Luis Barrionuevo, contradicting his initial speech.

Bullrich and his controversies: Patricia Bullrich has been at the center of various controversies, from his economic proposals to accusations of his political past before the 1976 coup d'état. However, its The program has also brought clear proposals, such as the construction of a Maximum security prison for drug traffickers and corrupt people.

Economy: A few days before the elections, the informal dollar has experienced significant fluctuations, closing at $905 after activate a tranche of the Swap with China. On the other hand, Patricia Bullrich has proposed a bi-monetization model for Argentina, in opposition to Milei's idea of dollarization.

External voting: International tensions have led to several Argentines abroad, specifically in Ukraine and Israel, will not be able to exercise their right to vote this year.

Hindsight: Over the past four years, under the presidency of Alberto Fernández, Argentina has faced challenges such as the covid-19 pandemic and one of the worst droughts in its history. Fernandez decided to not seeking re-election, leaving the door open to new candidates in the United States. these elections.

In short, the 2023 elections in Argentina promise to be an event decisive in the country's political landscape. Citizens should choose between different proposals and visions of the future, in the midst of a complex socio-economic and political context.

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