Sergio Ramos house is attacked while his children were sleeping

Robbery at the residence of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio: their children were Present


On September 20, the residence at the Finca La Alegría in Bollullos de la Mitación, Seville, of Sergio Ramos, former Real Madrid player and current member of Sevilla F.C., and the famous presenter Pilar Rubio, was the target of a robbery while Ramos played a Champions League match against Lens. During the robbery, the couple's four children, Sergio Ramos Jr., Marco Ramos, Máximo Adriano Ramos and Alejandro Ramos, as well as their caregivers, were in the house.

The incident occurred while Sergio Ramos was playing at the Ramón Sánchez stadium. Pizjuán and Pilar Rubio were out of town for work commitments. The Criminals took advantage of the game to enter the house and get hold of A loot composed of luxury watches, jewelry, branded clothes and money in cash. Fortunately, despite the incident, none of the people in the Casa was injured.

This unfortunate event is not an isolated situation in Ramos' life. In 2012, the footballer's home in the Madrid neighborhood of Conde Orgaz also He was targeted by criminals. On that occasion, the thieves took a surprise to find Ramos and his brother René inside, which It caused them to flee without taking anything.

But Sergio Ramos is not the only player who has suffered this type of situations. Other teammates, such as Suso in 2020 and Chicharito Hernández in 2019, have also been victims. of attempted robberies in their homes. In both cases, the timely reaction of People in the home and calls to security forces avoided greater consequences.

What happened to the Ramos-Rubio family reflects a troubling trend: Footballers' residences have become attractive targets for criminals, who seem to take advantage of the moments when these athletes are in professional commitments to act. It is vital that the clubs, security forces and the players themselves take action additional to ensure the protection of their families and property.

This latest incident is expected to boost authorities and the community. football to seek more effective strategies to combat and prevent these Crimes. Meanwhile, the investigation into the burglary at the residence of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio are still ongoing, waiting to find those responsible.

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