Paraguayan deputy provokes tensions with statements about going to war with Argentina

Paraguay and Argentina: between the waterway, Yacyretá and the declarations of war


Relations between Paraguay and Argentina are going through a period of growing tension, marked by controversies surrounding the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway and the Yacyretá hydroelectric plant. In this scenario, the statements of the Paraguayan deputy Rubén Rubín, of the Hagamos party, has exacerbated tensions.

The recent conflict arose after the withdrawal of 100% of the energy from Yacyretá by Paraguay and disputes related to tolls on the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway. In the midst of this scenario, Rubín expressed in the Paraguayan Congress his willingness to "go to war" against Argentina and stressed the need for Paraguay to have "missiles that reach key areas of the region." These statements occurred shortly after the visit of the Minister of Economy and candidate Argentine president, Sergio Massa, to Paraguay, which generated friction Diplomats.

Rubin's Statements

Rubén Rubín, in the context of a debate on the National Defense budget, affirmed his willingness to defend his homeland in case of conflict. His words resonated internationally, being interpreted as a direct threat to Argentina. However, in conversation With the Argentine media LA NACION, the deputy clarified his comments, maintaining that they were misinterpreted. According to Rubin, he never expressed his desire to go to war with Argentina specifically. In addition, he stressed the difference between Argentina as a nation and the actions of its president, Alberto Fernández, whom he said he was afraid of due to unilateral decisions affecting Paraguay.

National Defense and the Relationship with Argentina

Rubín defended the idea of investing in National Defense and mentioned that, like Israel, Paraguay should focus on technology due to its limited human resource. With regard to the acquisition of missiles, the Deputy referred to the recent purchase of warplanes by of Argentina, questioning why Paraguay should not have the same right.

The deputy also praised the management of Paraguayan President Santiago Peña Regarding the waterway and clarified that, although he does not believe that there will be an armed conflict with Argentina, he sees possible abuses of power and unilateral decisions that affect sovereignty. Paraguayan.

The situation between Paraguay and Argentina is delicate. The statements of the Deputy Rubén Rubín reflect the existing state of tension, but it is Essential to contextualize your words and understand that relationships Diplomacy between nations requires dialogue and understanding. Peace and Mutual collaboration must always be the priority.

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