New York Strategy to Control the Migratory Flow: Information vs. Disinformation and the Imminent Government Shutdown

New York's New Campaign to Discourage Immigration and Ramifications of the Government Shutdown on Immigration Services


New York has initiated a new strategy to curb the entry of Immigrants, releasing a series of flyers to be distributed at the border southern United States and in various shelters. These messages seek to "combat misinformation" circulating among immigrants. Phrases such as "You Won't Be Housed in a Hotel" and "New York City's Resources Will Be have exhausted" are intended to dissuade immigrants from considering New York as a destination.

The Immigration Coalition has criticized this new campaign, calling it A reflection of a "scandalous and short-sighted" approach by the mayor Adams. The coalition argues that the city should be looking for solutions long-term to secure permanent housing rather than simply discourage immigrants.

Implications of the Government Shutdown on Immigration Services

With the deadline for approving the national budget approaching, there is Concerns about how a government shutdown could affect services of immigration in the United States. Key agencies like USCIS, CBP and the State Department could see disruptions in its services, affecting those seeking visas, work permits and other essential services.

USCIS: It is mainly funded by fees and you should not see many interruptions. However, programs such as E-Verify and EB5 could be affected.

CBP: Inbound ports will remain open, but processing Some requests may be affected.

Department of State: Although visa and passport operations are financed with fees, some non-essential visas could slow down or Suspended.

ICE: It will continue with deportations, but will focus on those with deportation orders.

Immigration Courts: Audiences for those who are not Detainees will likely be postponed.

Tensions around immigration in the United States continue to be a A crucial issue on the political agenda. New York's response to the Growing influx of immigrants and the potential repercussions of the shutdown The government show the complexity and urgency of this problem. The solution It will require a balanced approach that addresses both concerns immediate as the long-term needs of immigrants and the nation at large.

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