Morocco in Crisis: Earthquake leaves a trail of destruction and mourning

Earthquake in Morocco: More than a thousand dead and historical heritage affected


Morocco is experiencing days of mourning and despair. The recent earthquake has left A balance of 1,037 people killed and more than a thousand injured, according to Moroccan state television Al Aoula reported. The figures are alarming: 721 of the injured are in critical condition.

One of the most significant losses, apart from human ones, is that of the Historical heritage. The images reveal that the earthquake severely damaged the twelfth-century Tinmal mosque, a jewel of Almohad architecture. This mosque served as a reference for the construction of the mosque Koutoubia in Marrakech and the Giralda Mosque in Seville.

International solidarity has not been long in coming. Turkey, which Recently suffered a devastating earthquake, has offered to send 265 people and 1,000 tents to support the work of rescue and attention to the victims. The Managing Authority of Turkish Emergencies (AFAD) stated that his team, together with the Media Turkish Red Moon and other NGOs are ready to intervene.

The city of Marrakech, one of the main tourist destinations of Morocco has strongly felt the impact of the earthquake. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 300,000 people in and around Marrakech were seen Affected.

World figures have expressed their support and solidarity with Morocco. Pope Francis sent a message in which he reaffirms his closeness to the Moroccan people. For its In part, US President Joe Biden expressed concern and assured to be in communication with the Moroccan authorities.

This magnitude 6.8 earthquake, the strongest in the region by more than 120 years, it has left obvious consequences in the infrastructure. Buildings collapsed, blocked streets and fear in the population are the testimony of The force of nature. Experts warn of possible aftershocks that They could happen in the next few days.

The situation is critical, and help is urgent. Organizations in the The ground is working tirelessly to provide relief to the victims. As Morocco begins its recovery process, the world watches and sends Your messages of encouragement and solidarity, hoping that soon, with the help of Everyone, the country can overcome this tragedy.

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