Lionel Messi: The World Champion who Attracts the Show Elite to MLS

Lionel Messi: The Soccer Magnet That Attracts Royalty and Soccer Stars Hollywood


In an unusual turn of events, Major League Soccer (MLS) witnessed of a phenomenon that transcends sport itself. The match between Inter de Miami and Los Angeles FC became much more than just a meeting of football. Thanks to Lionel Messi, the stadium was full of familiar faces and recognizable from show business and royalty.

Prince Harry, alongside Hollywood luminaries such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton and Will Ferrell — who also co-owns LAFC — joined the party's fervor. We cannot forget personalities from the world of music, such as Selena Gómez and Tyga, who were also seen in the stands.

Messi's magnetism has reshaped the landscape of football in the United States United. Since his arrival, tickets for Inter Miami matches have seen unprecedented demand, setting records in the average cost, with values around US $ 690, marking this match as the most expensive in MLS history.

After his journey with Paris Saint-Germain, Messi has revitalized the team of Miami. Before joining, the team was going through a period of unfavorable with nine games without victory. However, with the star In Argentina, Miami has reversed its fortunes, going 11 games unbeaten and winning a trophy last month.

Despite Messi's great play, other players also shone. An example it is Jordi Alba, another Barcelona star, who scored one of the Miami goals. And although Messi could not add another goal to his tally, his Skill and technique did not go unnoticed, leaving more than one astonished celebrity in the stands, like Selena Gomez.

The Argentine player shared his post-match reflections with MLS Español, mentioning that the match was a good metric to assess the level of team. In addition, he had the opportunity to share moments off the field, signing autographs for Wilson's family, remembered for films like "Zoolander" and "Cars."

Looking ahead, Miami aims to move up in the Conference This. However, they will have to face Sporting Kansas City without Messi, as he will join the national team. Argentina for the next South American qualifiers.

With world champion Lionel Messi in its ranks, Inter Miami has transformed his destiny and has attracted the attention not only of fans of football, but also of Hollywood's elite. Its impact transcends The four lines of the field, proving that their magic is capable of attracting all.

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