Lauren Boebert inappropriate behavior at Denver theater sparks controversy

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert expelled from theater in Denver for behavior Inappropriate


Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, a Colorado state representative, is at the center of a new controversy after being expelled from a Denver theater for inappropriate behavior during the presentation of the musical 'Beetlejuice'.

The night of the incident, Denver Arts & Venues, the organization In charge of the management of the Buell Theater, he confirmed to the Denver Post that two People were escorted out of the venue for inappropriate behavior, based on complaints from attendees. Viewers alleged that a woman, later identified as Boebert, was vaping and causing discomfort, such as making noise and taking pictures, Actions prohibited on the premises.

Boebert's campaign acknowledged that the congresswoman was kicked out of the theater, But he denied he had been vaping. However, local media outlet 9News presented security camera footage showing what contrary. In addition to confirming the use of the vapeador, the video evidence sexual behavior between the congresswoman and her companion.

Following the public exposure, Boebert issued a statement apologizing for denying her behavior and citing the stress of her ongoing divorce as a factor. that may have influenced his actions that night.

"There is no perfect plan to get through a public and difficult divorce. I I tried to handle it with strength and dignity, but I didn't act according to my needs. values that Sunday," he said.

This isn't the first time Boebert has found himself in the middle of the controversy. The Colorado Sun recalled that it has been the subject of criticism previous for anti-Muslim comments.

The congresswoman's behavior, along with her subsequent response, has generated divided reactions in the political sphere and on social networks, putting the spotlight back on the conduct of public figures outside their Official functions.

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