Snow White and her Controversial Return to the Big Screen

Controversy and Change in the New Adaptation of Snow White played by Rachel Zegler


Since Walt Disney introduced us to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1937, history has occupied a Special place in the heart of the public and in the history of cinema. This Pioneering adaptation unleashed a wave of animated successes that, in the last Decades have seen renewed versions in flesh and blood.

Movies like "Beauty and the Beast," "The Lion King" and "Aladdin" have been reimagined with real actors, but always keeping certain Key elements of the original plot. However, "The Little Mermaid" already It showed us that these 'remakes' do not always follow the script to the letter, generating mixed reactions among the audience.

The confirmation of a new version of Snow White has stoked the debate in around these classics and their reimaginings. Unlike the narrative that we knew, the new Snow White will not be saved by a prince, she will have Latin roots and, surprisingly, will not be accompanied in its entirety by dwarfs. These radical changes have not gone unnoticed and have generated controversy both in the public and in industry personalities.

Marc Webb, well-known film director, has been in charge of this new project, and the actress of Colombian origin Rachel Zegler will be the one who gives Life to the iconic princess. Although many are eagerly awaiting this version, no Critical voices are missing.

David Hand, son of the director of the original animated film, has made no secret of his Discontent with these changes. In a recent Disney live-action, Hand expressed his disagreement with the reinvention of such a story. emblematic. For him, rewriting a classic and adapting it in such a way Different is not only a lack of respect for his father's legacy, but also to Walt Disney, who would surely "roll over in his grave" at such modifications.

This situation leads us to reflect on the evolution of histories and The reinterpretation of the classics. To what extent is it valid to reinvent a narrative? Where do you draw the line between updating and distortion? a work? Only time will tell if this new version of Snow White succeeds. connect with the public and justify its changes, or if it will be remembered as one more controversial adaptation in the history of cinema.

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