Provisional suspension for Luis Rubiales due to accusations by Jennifer Hermoso

Provisional suspension of Luis Rubiales by FIFA after controversy kiss


FIFA has decided to provisionally suspend Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), due to a incident involving player Jennifer Hermoso. This fact has aroused a great controversy in the world of football and has led to Multiple reactions from different entities and personalities.

After the recent World Cup final, Rubiales kissed soccer player Jennifer Hermoso, an act that did not count with the consent of the player. As a result, FIFA, acting in accordance with article 51 of its Disciplinary Code, decided suspend Rubiales from all football activities both at the level national and international. In addition, he has been banned from contact with Hermoso and his immediate surroundings.

Reactions and Positioning:

Following the decision, the RFEF acknowledged the suspension and announced Pedro Rocha as interim president. Rubiales, for his part, trusts that his innocence will be proven. However, the RFEF defended Rubiales alluding to photographic evidence that would support his version of events. In addition, he threatened to take legal action against Hermoso.

The player, in a statement, said she had not given her consent to The kiss and described the act as impulsive and sexist. He categorically rejected the accusations of Rubiales and declared feeling vulnerable after the event.

UEFA and RFEF: Both entities have been informed of the decision taken by FIFA, although they have not yet issued comments on the matter.

Ricardo Murguía, narrator of TNT Sports, shared an analysis on what happened and the possible scenarios that Rubiales could face. In addition, the president of Real Oviedo and member of the Pachuca Group, Martín Peláez, showed your support for Hermoso at this difficult time.

The incident with Rubiales and Hermoso has generated divisions and controversy in The world of football. Pending a final process and decision, Various figures and organizations continue to express their positions and Opinions about the event that has marked the sport recently. The football community remains attentive to the development of this case and the implications it will have on the future of sport.

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