Insecurity in Argentina: the death of Morena and the cry for justice

The death of Morena Domínguez and the urgency of security in the streets Argentine.


Lanús, Buenos Aires. In an event that has shaken the heart of the nation In Argentina, Morena Domínguez, a girl of only 11 years old, lost the life after being assaulted by criminals riding a motorcycle in Villa Giardino, Lanús West. Confirmation of death was delivered by the municipality of Lanús and the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The victim was arriving at her school when she was intercepted by these criminals, Popularly known in the country as "motochorros". His belongings and, in an act of excessive violence, they beat him in the head that left her in a state of unconsciousness. Security cameras They captured the unfortunate event, showing how a passerby tried to help the little one, lifting her from the public road.

After the arrival of the paramedics, Morena was rushed to the Evita Hospital. However, her critical condition led to a cardiorespiratory arrest, leading her to lose her life. The vehicle Used by the assailants, a motorcycle, was later found and confiscated by the authorities.

In a show of solidarity and grief, Diego Kravetz, Chief of Cabinet and responsible for Security of the municipality of Lanús, expressed his deep sadness on Twitter. "As a father it hurts and saddens me deeply," he said.

The tragic event has had repercussions in the political sphere. With the primary elections around the corner, several candidates and Public officials have suspended their campaigns as a sign of respect and mourning. Axel Kicillof, governor of the province of Buenos Aires, together with Néstor Grindetti, current mayor of Lanús, and Diego Kravetz, made pause in their schedules, underscoring the urgent need for answers and Security in the area.

The shock has resonated among other presidential candidates such as Sergio. Massa, Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who expressed their pain and solidarity towards Morena's family through networks Social.

The community, anguished and demanding justice, demonstrated at the police station in Lanús where the detainee related to the assault was transferred. The Citizens, clamoring for justice and greater security, were contained by a fence police.

The tragic event reaffirms the urgent need for more effective security and justice measures, and highlights the profound impact that these acts have in Argentine society.

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