Fires, Laser Beams and Blue Roofs the World Reset Theory

The Mystery of Blue Roofs in China: Conspiracy Theory or Reality?


The rise of social media has led to the spread of countless theories, some of them intriguing and, at times, a so much unusual. One of these recent theories has caused uproar and Curiosity among netizens: blue paint on Chinese roofs. ¿What's up behind this peculiar trend?

On platforms like TikTok, users around the world have shared Videos about Chinese houses with blue roofs. At first glance, it would look like a Simple aesthetic choice, but according to emerging theories, there are deeper and more worrying reasons.

These videos suggest that blue roofs in China are related to global disasters, especially with fires allegedly caused by laser beams. They allege that buildings with this particular color They are "immune" or "resistant" to these rays.

Hawaii and Laser Theory

The most striking thing about this theory is the link with similar facts in other places, such as Hawaii. Fire and lasers are said to prevent deliberately blue structures, a phenomenon that, according to proponents From this theory, it can be observed in certain online videos.

The "World Reset"

The notion of a "global reset" has gained traction among some. Internet circles. According to this theory, there are plans to seize specific areas through induced disasters, such as fires caused by Lasers. However, there is a supposed "weak spot": these lasers They would not affect buildings with blue roofs. Those who believe in This theory holds that people have begun to paint their roofs blue. as a protective measure.

For those looking for evidence, a quick visit to Google Maps or Google Earth shows a remarkable number of blue roofs in China. This has reinforced the belief of some. in this theory and has led to further speculation about what It really could be happening in the world.

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As with many theories that arise on the internet, it is essential to approach them with skepticism and seek reliable sources. While the prevalence of blue roofs in China is undeniable, the reasons behind it The trend has yet to be clarified. Before reaching conclusions In haste, it is vital to do thorough research and base our beliefs in solid evidence.

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