Donald Trump Faces New Allegations of Mishandling of Classified Documents

Donald Trump Pleads Not Guilty in Classified Documents Cases and Attempted Annulment of the 2020 Elections


Former US President Donald Trump has made clear his Position on the new accusations he faces in relation to his handling of Classified documents during your time in office. Through a In a court filing Friday, Trump pleaded not guilty to the Additional charges brought against him by special prosecutor Jack Smith.

This statement marked the second time in less than 24 hours that Trump has affirmed his innocence. The previous Thursday, he pleaded not guilty in a separate investigation conducted by the same special prosecutor, Smith, who focuses on the former president's alleged efforts to overturn the Results of the 2020 presidential election.

Smith had made additional allegations against Trump last week. Already facing 37 criminal charges in the documents case Trump was charged with an additional charge of intentional detainer. of national defense information and two additional counts of obstruction. Walt Nauta, advisor to the former president, and Carlos De Oliveira, administrator of the Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate were also incorporated into the case with new allegations.

Both Trump and Nauta had pleaded not guilty to the initial charges against early this summer. However, with the new statement, Trump informed the Tribunal that he would not appear in person for the new indictment, scheduled for Aug. 10 in Fort Pierce, Florida, before a judge U.S. Magistrate

As for the other two defendants, De Oliveira and Nauta, they have not yet revealed your plans to appear in court documents.

This case underscores the growing legal pressure Trump faces, including after his time in office. With two declarations of innocence in a With 24 hours to go, the legal battle appears to be far from over.

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