US Congress Confirms Non-Human UFO Remains

U.S. Congressional Revelations USA: "Non-human" biological remains recovered of UFOs


In a historic first public hearing on "Anomalous Phenomena No Identified," a U.S. Air Force officer has confirmed the recovery of "non-human" biological remains from UFOs. The information, which promises to unleash a wave of speculation and debates, marks a milestone in human understanding of life beyond our planet.

From 10 a.m. on Wednesday, the U.S. Congress opened its first hearing to discuss the topic of "Non-anomalous phenomena" identified: implications for national security, public safety, and government transparency". This event not only reflects the growing concern about national security, but also the desire for greater government transparency regarding these phenomena.

During the hearing, Congresswoman Nancy Mace directed a question at Ryan Graves, a U.S. Air Force officer and former officer. of intelligence. It specifically asked if there was evidence of crashes of ships and whether the bodies of the pilots of these ships had been recovered.

Graves' response was surprising: "Some of them could be recover material," he admitted. When Mace inquired about the origin of those Recovered remains, whether they were human or not, Graves replied simply "No. humans", which caused a stir in the community of curious and scientists who followed the hearing live.

This announcement is a turning point in the country's history. According to Graves' declaration, the country would be aware of life outside the Land since the 1930s. This revelation opens a door to new Questions that seek to understand the nature of these remains and their implication in our understanding of the universe.

The hearing and confirmations given by the Air Force officer, open the door to a new level of dialogue and understanding about life extraterrestrial and its interaction with our planet. The implications are enormous, both in terms of national security and for science in general, and the possibilities opened up by this revelation are as puzzling as well as exciting.

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