The gigantic sphere that illuminates Las Vegas and is causing a furor on the internet

LED sphere 112 meters high and 147 meters wide, the new attraction of Las Vegas


In recent days, social media has been bombarded with videos that They show a giant sphere located in the center of the American city which sometimes looks like an eye, a planet or even a balloon.

The images are so shocking that they have gone viral and called the attention of users who fail to decipher what it is. The answer It's simple: a modern work that, thanks to its technology, can change continuously its appearance.

The building is 112 meters high and 147 meters wide and is the structure World's largest circular that also has 1.2 million LED screens that allow you to look however you want. Therefore, it sometimes takes the form of a basketball, sometimes an asteroid, sometimes just landscapes or Objects that change every second.

Inside it has capacity for 18,000 spectators and an LED screen of 16K of 76 meters high capable of simulating any type of scenario. Is That is, they can, if they wish, make the visitor feel underwater, in a underwater world, in space or wherever your imagination is.

In addition, in November of this year the Grand Prix of Formula 1 for the first time since 1984, and the track will feature fast cars very close to this large sphere visible from any point. by sight. the City famous for its casinos.

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