Messi's first statements with the Inter Miami shirt

Messi's tentative debut with Inter Miami in the League Cup


Inter Miami's recent star signing, Lionel Messi, has left his excited fans after their presentation at DRV PNK Stadium. The star Argentine, considered one of the best football players of all Times, he could make his debut with the American team very soon.

In a message on his official Instagram account, Messi thanked the warm Reception given by fans at the presentation event and He left an intriguing clue: "See you again on Friday." Everything seems indicate that it refers to Friday, July 21, when Inter Miami will face Cruz Azul of Mexico in the League Cup.

Major League Soccer (MLS) Commissioner Don Garber called the Messi's arrival as "impressive" and highlighted the competition they faced to attract the player, even against Saudi Arabia, who also showed Interest in signing the Argentine.

Inter Miami's schedule suggests Messi could make his debut at the match against Cruz Azul, in the aforementioned tournament. This aligns with the Holidays of the player, who has just completed a demanding season in the World Cup in Qatar, where he led his team to victory.

The launch event at Fort Lauderdale Stadium had to deal with The rain, which delayed the celebrations by two hours. However, neither Even the bad weather could overshadow the excitement of the fans and the fans. owners of the club, David Beckham and Jorge Mas, who expressed their enthusiasm to have Messi in the team.

Messi's arrival at Inter Miami has not only been a sporting signing, but also an event of great magnitude. The presentation was a True party, with the participation of celebrities and artists who are They came together to welcome the new star player.

As for his salary, it is estimated that Messi will earn between US $ 50 and US $ 60. million annually, and will also be part of the club's ownership and receive a portion of the benefits of MLS streaming with Apple TV and sales of team kits by Adidas.

The wait to see Lionel Messi in action with Inter Miami seems to be coming to an end, and fans eagerly await the day when the star Argentino finally steps on the pitch and makes his mark on football American.

After months of speculation and an exciting signing process, Lionel Messi has found his new football home at Inter Miami. The expectation that has generated his arrival has been extraordinary, and the fans can not Wait to see the Argentine genius in action with his new jersey.

Messi's tentative debut in the League Cup match against Cruz Azul has further increased excitement among soccer fans in the U.S. and around the world. The star's decision to continue his MLS career has been enthusiastically received by the League, and her incorporation to Inter of Miami has been hailed as a historic moment for soccer in the country.

For Messi, this change represents a new challenge in his career. sportive. After a strenuous and successful season, which culminated in the conquest of the Qatar World Cup with the Argentine national team, the footballer He decided to take a well-deserved vacation before joining the team.

Messi's presentation at the DRV PNK Stadium was full of emotion and celebration, despite adverse weather conditions. The owners of the club, David Beckham and Jorge Mas, expressed their joy at having Messi as part of the Inter Miami family, and stressed the importance of surround the Argentine star with players of the same stature, as evidenced by the signing of his former Barcelona teammate, Sergio Busquets.

The impact of Messi's arrival goes beyond the purely sporting. The Presentation party was a sample of the power of convocation and charisma of the player, who has transcended borders and become an icon global.

Messi's long-term commitment to Inter Miami, which includes no only your salary but also your share in the ownership of the club, reinforces MLS's commitment to attracting top-level players and continuing raising the competitive level of the league.

In short, Lionel Messi's debut with Inter Miami is approaching quickly, and soccer fans in the United States expect eagerly the moment when they will see the Argentine genius unfold his magic in MLS fields. With his presence, the league hopes to reach new heights of popularity and consolidate itself as one of the main competitions football worldwide.

The future for Inter Miami and MLS looks promising, with Messi leading the charge and thrilling fans with his undisputed talent. Without a doubt, it will be an honor to witness the legacy that the Argentine star will leave in His new football adventure in American lands.

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