First sight of Prigozhin in Russia since the Wagner uprising

Prigozhin's public appearance in Russia after the armed uprising


The world received with surprise the news that Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the private military company Wagner, was seen in Russia for the first time since the armed rebellion he led against the army last month.

In the city of St. Petersburg, Prigozhin met with a dignitary African in the framework of the Russia-Africa summit, a meeting that was known thanks to the accounts associated with the mercenary group Wagner. This dignitary is part of the delegation of the Central African Republic, where Wagner It has had a significant presence in recent years.

The image that placed Prigozhin in the Trezzini Palace hotel was geolocated by CNN. This hotel is of special importance since, according to Local media reports, is where Prigozhin keeps his office. This The site was one of those registered by the Russian authorities on July 6, in Response to rebellion.

This sighting marks Prigozhin's second public event since the rebellion, the first being on July 19 in a video in Belarus. In the In the video, Prigozhin appeared to greet Wagner's fighters at the Asipovichy. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko — an ally of Putin — claimed to have convinced Putin not to retaliate against Wagner and Prigozhin during the rebellion.

Prigozhin and his mercenary group Wagner have been involved in operations military at a global level, participating in conflicts in the Republic Central African, Sudan, Libya, Mozambique, Ukraine and Syria. Throughout the Over the years, Wagner has developed a negative reputation, being linked with multiple human rights abuses.

After the invasion of Ukraine, Wagner's forces actively participated in the taking of key cities, such as Soledar and Bajmut, earning the reputation of to be one of the few Russian forces to win victories. However Prigozhin was often critical of Russia's military leadership and support. which he provided to his troops.

In an especially somber video from early May, Prigozhin pointed to the corpses of his fallen fighters and directly blamed the Minister of Russian Defense Sergei Shoigu and the head of the Russian armed forces, the General Valery Gerasimov, for their deaths. "They came here as volunteers and They are dying so that you can sit like fat cats in your luxury offices," he charged.

Prigozhin's rebellion and his reappearance on the public scene It highlights the underlying tension between the Russian power structure and the private forces like Wagner, whose role and scope continue to evolve in The complex geopolitical chessboard.

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