Fentanyl addiction: a global crisis that requires immediate attention

Fentanyl and its impact on the United States: the zombie drug that is devastating lives


Fentanyl, a highly addictive drug, has been making headlines recently due to the concern of Mexico and the United States to combat its trafficking and illegal use. In this article, Dr. Sonia López, an expert in Public Health, gives us information about fentanyl addiction, its uses doctors and the dangers associated with their distribution on the streets. In addition, Addresses the announcement of a global plan to combat trafficking in this dangerous substance.

Fentanyl belongs to the opioid group, as do morphine and oxycodone. However, what makes this drug especially dangerous is its extremely high power. Fentanyl is estimated to be up to 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. Is considered the leader of opioids in terms of potency, which makes it It becomes a highly addictive substance.

Impact in the United States and Europe:

The United States has been hit hard by the fentanyl epidemic. People of all ages are affected, and social media is full of videos showing the havoc caused by this drug. Although Europe has not reached the levels of the United States, the prevalence of Fentanyl use is increasing in several European countries, including Spain.

Consumption risks and prevention measures:

Importantly, fentanyl is a medication prescribed by doctors. to treat severe pain in patients with physical tolerance to others Opioids. If used properly under medical supervision, the risk is minimal. However, the current crisis is largely due to distribution. illegal and recreational use of this substance. Mixing fentanyl with Other addictive drugs, such as heroin, methamphetamines and cocaine, are on the rise. plus the associated dangers.

Global response:

To address this crisis, the United States and Mexico have announced a plan to address this crisis. Joint venture to combat trafficking and illegal use of fentanyl. This plan It includes actions such as combating money laundering, interrupting the trafficking in precursor chemicals and the fight against corruption. However It is recognized that these efforts will not be sufficient without addressing markets. illegal and the demand for these substances.

Fentanyl addiction represents a global crisis that requires a Immediate attention. Its potency and addictive capacity make it a Extremely dangerous drug, which has affected millions of people around the world the world. Although it is used as a legitimate analgesic in medical cases Their illegal distribution and recreational use have exacerbated epidemic and have led to a significant increase in cases of addiction.

It is encouraging to see that governments are taking action to combat trafficking and illegal use of fentanyl. However, a response is required global and coordinated that addresses both supply and demand for this dangerous substance. This implies strong actions against the markets. illegal, education about the risks associated with consumption and Promotion of safe and effective alternatives for pain management.

Through education, prevention and international cooperation, we can work to combat this crisis and help those who find themselves. trapped in the cycle of addiction. Together, we can make a difference and Build a safer and healthier future.

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