Domingo Germán makes history with a perfect game in the Major Leagues

Dominican Domingo Germán shakes the Major Leagues with a game Exceptional Perfect


Dominican pitcher Domingo Germán, of the New York Yankees, has left An indelible mark on baseball history by achieving the first game perfect in the Major Leagues in almost 11 years. In a confrontation against the Oakland Athletics, Germán, 30, showed outstanding performance by not allowing any runners to reach base throughout the nine innings, either by means of a hit, a walk, or a hit batter. His outstanding performance was instrumental in the Yankees' 11-0 victory.

This milestone places Germán as the 24th pitcher in the history of the majors Leagues to achieve a perfect game and the first since Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners did it in August 2012 against the Tampa Bay. Rays. After retiring hitters Aledmy Diaz and Shea Langeliers in the In the ninth inning, Germán faced Esteury Ruiz, who hit a groundout to the third baseman Josh Donaldson. Donaldson pitched to first base to seal the historic victory and spark celebration on the field.

Germán, who had nine strikeouts in the 27 batters he faced, said his excitement after the game. Speaking to Yankee Entertainment and Sports Network, commented: "It's so exciting. When you think of something so unique In baseball, you know that not many people get the opportunity to throw a Perfect game. Achieving something like that in my career is something I'm going to remember for always, be part of history."

In addition to his contribution to the legacy of Major League Baseball, Germán also becomes the Yankees' first pitcher since David Cone in 1999 at Achieve a perfect game and the fourth in the history of the franchise. David Wells in 1998 and Don Larsen in the 1956 World Series are the other two. pitchers who have achieved this feat in the iconic history of the Yankees.

The importance of this achievement is further magnified when considering that Germán is The first Dominican pitcher to throw a perfect game. The player He shared that this game was a tribute to a deceased relative, revealing, "Unfortunately, two days ago an uncle of mine passed away, and yesterday I cried a lot in the club. I kept him in mind throughout the game. I was thinking about him and Happened. This match is a tribute to him. He would have been very glad. He was always someone who brought joy to our family, and it happened from this way for him to see it from up there."

Before this historic game, Germán had faced difficulties in his two Previous outings, allowing a total of 17 runs in 5 1/3 innings. Without However, his impeccable performance on this occasion demonstrates his ability to Overcome obstacles and re-emerge with a memorable performance.

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