Cuba rejects the presence of a nuclear submarine in the US base in Guantanamo

Cuban Government Rejects U.S. Nuclear Submarine at Guantanamo Bay while Russian Navy ship arrives in Havana Bay


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex) defined the presence of the submarine as "a growing provocation by the United States, whose Political or strategic motivations are unknown."

According to Minrex, the submarine entered the military base on Wednesday He remained there until Saturday. Not currently there is information about this in the United States.

"The presence of a nuclear submarine right now forces us to ask ourselves what is the military reason for the act in this peaceful region of the world, what purpose it is directed against and what strategic objective chases," Itamaraty said.

The text includes the rejection of the "U.S. military presence in Cuba and the demand for the return of illegally occupied territory in the Guantánamo province" in relation to this base. It also warns of the "danger" of the "presence and circulation of nuclear submarines of the U.S. armed forces in the neighboring Caribbean region."

The base has housed a prison since January 11, 2002, when the first group of prisoners from Afghanistan, where most of them still They face terrorism charges.

"The Department of Foreign Affairs has vehemently rejected the arrival at Guantanamo Bay on July 5, 2023 of a submarine from nuclear propulsion that remained until July 8 at the military base The U.S. there, which is a provocative escalation. States United, whose policy or strategic motives are unknown," says the communiqué.

The statement also stressed that "the permanence of the base only pursues the political objective of attempting to outrage Cuba's sovereign rights" and He added: "Its practical usefulness in recent decades has been limited to function as a detention center, torture and rape, protection systematic human rights of dozens of citizens of various countries".

On the other hand, on Tuesday, July 11, a navy ship arrived in Havana Bay. According to a team from Cuba News 360 present at the scene.

This is the Russian military ship Perekop, whose arrival was to remain in the Havana port until July 14, as announced by Moscow at the end of the Manuel Marrero's visit to the Eurasian nation.

According to the same source, the commando traveling on the Perekop will organize events cultural and commercial in Cuba and the ship carries on board a cargo of humanitarian aid.

The training ship Perekop is part of the Russian Baltic Fleet and It normally sails with a crew of more than 500 university cadets Russian Navy.

According to a team of reporters from this media, the Russian ship arrived in Havana waving the flag of the nation that welcomes it, as is tradition, and was received by 21 salvos of artillery from a Cuban battery stationed in the Morro-Cabana cultural historical complex.

The arrival of the ship to the island coincides with the denunciation of the Cuban Minister of Foreign relations of the permanence of a US nuclear submarine in waters of the Guantanamo naval base

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