Crane collapse causes injuries in New York

Crane collapse in New York: An accident that left injured, but without Fatalities


In an unfortunate incident Wednesday morning in Manhattan, New York, a crane collapsed on an empty construction site located in the 10th Avenue and 41st Street, leaving at least six people injured. Among the Four civilians and two firefighters were injured, who suffered minor injuries.

The incident occurred at an empty construction site where firefighters were responding to a Fire of five alarms. At the time of the collapse, the crane was lifting about 16 tons of cement. Reports indicate that the operator of the crane tried to put out the fire, but it spread quickly, forcing you to leave the crane cab safely before collapse.

According to the statements of Deputy Commissioner Joseph W. Pfeifer in a conference of press, believed to have broken out fire while crane was operating weakened the wiring of it to a point where it lost its resistance, which caused the collapse. The authorities have begun a Thorough investigation to determine the exact causes of the accident.

After the accident, the authorities warned about the presence of personnel emergency, smoke and possible delays in transit in the affected area. The Buildings Commissioner James Oddo announced that a Comprehensive investigation, involving all parties related to the Operation of the crane. In addition, engineers from the Department would evaluate the Structural integrity of the building that was hit by the crane.

Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to clarify the causes of the accident and take preventive measures in the future. It is important to highlight the rapid response of the emergency services and the Caution to be taken in areas near the site of the incident. The safety at construction sites and proper maintenance of Machinery such as cranes are fundamental aspects to avoid futures accidents.

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