Wembanyama explains why he won't play for France in the World Cup

Wembanyama, selected No. 1 in the NBA draft by San Antonio, announced that he did not will defend France at the World Cup


Victor Wembanyama, the first pick in the San Antonio Spurs draft, has announced that he will be absent from this year's Basketball World Cup Because you must "prepare your body for the difficult challenges ahead."

In an interview published this Tuesday in L'Équipe, the pivot of 2.26 meters and 19 years regretted having made this decision, but justified it by explaining that he had to Focus on your physique to be in good shape in the long run.

"I made the decision to dedicate this summer to preparing my body for the many competences that await me in the coming years. And therefore, skip the World Cup. It was a difficult decision, which required the opinion of many. people. But I sincerely believe in what is best for the French team and for me," said Wembanyama, who is aiming for the Paris Olympics in 2024.

However, Wembanyama confirmed its desire to be present at the Games Olympics to be held in your country next year. The activity of Basketball in Paris 2024 is scheduled between July 27 and 11 August, a period during which there is no NBA activity.

On her medical concerns, Wembanyama explains that "my body is like a prototype. I can't rely on people who look like me. Requires, by Both, a specific preparation, a personalized anticipation. Can't leave nothing to chance. overload and therefore injury, which you could have future impacts. If I play the World Cup, going back to last summer and Going back to the Olympics, it would be about 170 games in 24 months, without Real rest. It would not be realistic in terms of development, nor prudent in terms of development. health terms.

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