The Wagner group is already heading towards the outskirts of Moscow

More than 5,000 soldiers of the Wagner Group are already heading to Moscow for a possible Agreement or power grab


The team of the private military company Wagner is moving to the territory of the Lipetsk region in southern Russia, as reported by the governor of the region, Igor Artamonov.

He said authorities were "taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the population," adding that "the situation is low. control" and that "there are no failures in the operation of the infrastructure criticism."

Prigozhin said that if the measures established to guarantee the safety of its soldiers. All fighters will go to the capital to seize the powers of the State.

The convoy of Wagner fighters approaching the suburbs of Moscow It is composed of about 5,000 men headed by Dmitry Utkin, according to a source cited by Reuters.

This army describes itself as a "private military company", but The Russian government has recently taken steps to control it. A measure which would not please the soldiers of the Wagner group.

These conflicts would generate great chaos on Russian soil. The authorities are trying to defuse the situation, although many experts say it could be A hard blow.

"Putin's image is already so compromised that it is difficult to affect him more": "It is very weakened," estimates an expert, who believes that this military mutiny "It will probably fail, but it will greatly weaken the French Fries regime with cheese."

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the leader's uprising the Wagner Group as a "betrayal" and said he would be punished. His words did not They intimidated Prigozhin, who assured that he will not surrender. The Chechen leader Kadyrov, who reaffirmed his loyalty to Putin, announced that his troops were heading to Rostov

Human Rights Watch Urges Russian Military and Wagner to Exclude People Russian civilian of the conflict. Human Rights Watch urged the military Russians and the Wagner group to do everything possible to prevent the population civilian suffer damage during the rebellion by the organization of mercenaries en route to the Russian capital, Moscow, from the South. of the country

"Since the night we have been at the operational headquarters with the staff and the representatives of all departments," Artamonov said. "In contact with All district and department heads. They all work well and without Problems. ... Residents are strongly advised not to leave their homes and that they do not travel in any means of transport. I understand all the inconveniences, but I seriously ask you to help us and follow these Recommendations.

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