The Simpsons return to predict what happened to the lost submersible Titan

The Simpsons predicted the death of the submarine Titan, at which point They ran out of oxygen


This Thursday, June 22, is a key day in the search for the submarine Titanic, which disappeared last Sunday while trying to reach the remains of the submarine. Titanic. According to information provided by the company OceanGate, from that At the moment there were 96 hours of oxygen inside the submarine, at this moment it is You may have run out of oxygen.

The Simpsons will go down in history as one of the few productions, at the television, in generating a "scandal" for its predictions. It was January 8 of 2006 when episode 366 of The Yellow Family premiered. "Homer's Father" is the chapter in which an underwater expedition to the bottom is carried out. of the sea and an event similar to what happens with the OceanGate submersible.

The chapter involves Homer's supposed father, who has a great fortune. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they search for emeralds in the ocean, but Simpson is trapped and without oxygen.

Social media users began to spout theories about the success that could have Matt Groening's production with the current situation that It traverses humanity. Sadly, the script shows that the Titan did not he will suffer the same fate as Homer and company.

With no radio or GPS, the crew has 96 hours of oxygen. Until Wednesday, the submersible only has between 14 and 16 hours of oxygen after its disappearance on Sunday, so rescuers work 24 hours and Travelers have a "limited ration" of food.

In addition, if the submersible remains too long on the seabed, the Crew will face very low temperatures with cold just above of zero and the possibility of developing hypothermia.

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