Russian missile falls on highway in kyiv

They capture on video the moment when a Russian missile lands on the highway of Kyiv


A vehicle's camera captured the moment a Russian missile landed in a busy road in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Almost a tragedy, as the device was inches away from touching several cars that They were driving on the road.

Ukrainian forces say they have intercepted all 11 missiles fired on May 29, but the missile's tail has not completely disintegrated. Since For several days, Russia has been constantly attacking cities Ukrainian women, many of these attacks were carried out using drones, aircraft or long-range weapons.

According to Reuters, the incident took place on Monday afternoon "when Russia launched its 16th attack on the Ukrainian capital." In the sequence you can see How the missile hit the sidewalk hard next to a driving car On the road.

While all indications have caused damage to the vehicle, to date no They have reported injuries or deaths from the missile. After a month with several attacks in the Ukrainian capital, this morning Russia again attacked the city, causing three deaths.

The victims included a 9-year-old girl and her 34-year-old mother, as well as Another 33-year-old woman, according to Ukrainian police.

The Russian attack was carried out with 10 Iskander missiles aimed at critical infrastructure in and around Kiev. Despite the fact that these Missiles were shot down, Ukrainian Air Force said they caused damage and fatalities when they landed after being intercepted by the Anti-aircraft defenses.

The remains caused damage to a pediatric polyclinic, two schools and a police station and several public and private buildings in three different districts of the Ukrainian capital.

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