Immigrants urged not to leave Florida after harsh anti-immigration law

Lawmakers are now urging immigrants not to leave Florida


Florida Republican lawmakers who backed Gov. Ron DeSantis' tough immigration bill urged workers immigrants not to leave the state for fear that an exodus of jobs could damage to the local economy and several protests over the new measure.

At a meeting with religious leaders in the city of Hialeah, Miami-Dade, organized by the Hispanic Ministers Association, Lawmakers sought to allay the fears of immigrants, employers, religious organizations and community advocacy groups.

Congressman Roth urged religious leaders who attended the meeting to urge immigrants in their congregations not to leave the state. Roth and Rep. Alina Garcia, Republican from District 115 and also Present at the meeting, they voted in favor of the bill.

The meeting brought together about 160 people, mostly ministers, pastors and Community organizations seeking information on how the new law Immigration will affect how they serve their congregations, many of which who are undocumented immigrants.

"This is a law for political purposes, not a new public policy," he said. Rick Roth, Republican of the 85th House District, during a meeting with religious leaders, who expressed concern about the SB1718, which was enacted. by DeSantis after signing him on May 10.

Farmers are angry because they are losing their workers, Roth assured those present. Many undocumented workers in the Agriculture, construction and tourism have left the state awaiting the implementation of the law.

"This bill is intended to scare people. [undocumented immigrants] so they don't come to the state of Florida and I think that it fulfilled its purpose [achieved its goal]. This bill does not have validity," Garcia said during the meeting.

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