Hundreds of bees fly over downtown New York.

Hundreds of bees invade Times Square in the heart of New York


A swarm of bees has flown en masse through the heart of Manhattan, New York. York, causing panic among passers-by in the neighborhood.

Bees began to gather in the windows of buildings and, when They flew, creating a cloud that blocked the passage in the street. Authorities They were forced to close part of the road due to the number of insects Present.

A group of beekeepers went to the site to quickly remove the bees. They piled them up in crates to get them off the street. No one turned out. Injured, no one was even stung, because they are bees that experts They say they don't sting.

Also a month ago there was a similar case in Los Angeles. Hundreds of bees They invaded an area of the city and two people were injured and had to be attended by health services.

Experts explained that insects accumulate when it is very hot in the city. Emergency services first captured the bees and They then moved the animals to a safer environment.

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