Hail leaves at least 100 injured at concert in Colorado

A Louis Tomlinson concert in Colorado was canceled by a storm of hail the size of golf balls


About 100 people who attended a Louis Tomlinson concert in the iconic Red Rocks amphitheater near Denver, Colorado, were injured After being hit by a heavy hailstorm, the firemen.

Many videos and photos that have gone viral on social media show the magnitude of the hailstorm that fell on fans of the 'Two of' actor Us'. The clips that circulate in the networks also show the work done by the resort's rescuers who tried to rescue people affected by hail and who suffered broken bones and some Cuts.

The concert was cancelled after the heavy storm intensified, Although initially the organizers of the concert asked the attendees to take refuge in their vehicles as the storm passed. Through your Twitter account, the former One Direction member announced the cancellation of his concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado and thanked the support of his Safety equipment and lifeguards to help care for people during Extreme weather conditions.

"I send all my love to everyone who was affected by extreme weather. at the Red Rocks Amphitheater last night. I hope everyone has come home healthy And saved and recovering, it was devastating to see so many of you. affected."

Tomlinson said. "I want to thank the speed and attention of my tour team Staff and first responders who worked tirelessly last night to help care for all those affected in such difficult circumstances," he added. the singer.

The Boulder Weather Service (NWS) has issued a warning of Severe storm for the region, while explaining that some areas They will again face hailstones the size of a golf ball.

At least seven people were taken to various hospitals with injuries. Serious, while another 90 were treated at the scene. Among the injured There were cuts and broken bones.

A witness of the meteorological phenomenon assured that the hail balls had the size of an apple. "The hail started falling on the people and my Sister and I happily took refuge under a sign. I'm bleeding and I have big blows to my head from hail. I hope everyone is healthy and safe."

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